Agent on Duty Sign-Ups

Agent Testimonials


Karen Chang Lar Rieu

“I picked up my second client today as AOD at Kahala!  I wasn’t even going to sit today but woke up this morning and needed a little motivation.  I figured I should go to the office and get my head in the game!  When I arrived at the office, the luxurious desk was unattended, so I took the spot!  They are a very nice couple, just moved here from Northern California, and looking for a place between 800-900k! Thank you for the opportunity to sit as AOD!  Luckily I beat Timmy to the desk, he came in a few minutes after me 😊!!”


Renato Besabe

"I wanted to share my AOD experience with everyone! I recently made a commitment to myself that I will work from the office in the mornings. On Tuesday morning the AOD desk was empty. I was chatting with Vickie and the desk looked inviting with the double monitors so I figured I would just sit and work from there. With no expectations, I was just plugging away selecting photos for our new Island Colony listing when a nice lady walked in. She had some questions about possibly making some renovations to her home. She is nearing retirement and though she may not sell her home right now, I was able to provide her with some value by sharing my favorite contractor contacts so she can get some estimates. Sal and I will be visiting her home to provide some input on what kinds of renovations will add the most value to her home. While she may not sell now, she will one day and she is a new contact!"